Speed governor
GLYWT series Programmable Microcomputer Hydro-governor (PMH) is applied in medium and sma...
Francis turbine...
Francis turbine is a reaction turbine and the most common water turbine in use today. It’s o...
Pelton turbine
Pelton turbine is one kind of impulse turbines,used for high-head (50m~1300m) power plants.our co...
Turgo turbine
One of the impulse type, applicable water head 40-300m. The center line of jet flow with gyration ...
Hongya Power Generating Equipment to Utilities Limited is  a specialized manufacturer of medium- and small -sized  water turbine generators, located at the foot of the towering  and beautiful Wawu Mountain, close to Leshan Giant Buddha  and Emei Mountain. We have existing staff of 150 people  including 15 percent of specialized technical personnel. Our  current building area is 27,000 square meters with a new  factory occupying an area of 11,335 square meters.
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